Thursday, April 4, 2013

just a wrap up....

i just wanted to wrap up our was fantastic!  couldn't have been better (unless it was the weather)...but, hey, i'll take it anyway, if i'm in france...i loved the sights, loved the scenery, loved being with my kids and was great...except for the ride home...not that the ride was was just looooooonnnnnnnggggg! plus, i had a bad sinus infection, conjunctivitis in my eyes...everytime kerry looked at me, i think she was NOT attractive at all!!  people probably thought, what disease does this lady have?  so, the trip was long...getting through customs was longer...the drive home to forever....i was really, really glad to be home...but, i'm so happy and grateful that we could go and have such a fun 'pain' was worth it!!!!   and of course..after the doc gave me some meds...i was one happy girl!!!

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  1. France, Jolyn! Awesome!!!!! So glad you could go. Of course it is a bummer to be sick on a trip, and t-o-r-t-u-r-o-u-s to be sick on a long, tedious plane ride. And, it looks like you've lost weight. At least you could smile for this picture! :)


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