Thursday, January 23, 2014

mlk weekend

kerry and austin had a few days off of they jetted down here for a quick visit....always a lot of fun....
we saw mama mia....which is one of my favorite plays!
we had a great beach day...lots of babies...beautiful, gorgeous weather....celebrated ashley's big birthday!  went to the park, drove up to ventura for a great lunch....movies, food, what else can you ask for?  fun times....
                                                                             it was ashley's 25th birthday, so we celebrated with a bbq at her mom's

                                                                                                                 baby russ 'chillaxin'
                                                                                                                            park day

                                                                                                                        saying bye


  1. Kerry and Ashley haven't changed a bit. So cute. You have been a busy gal. I just read some of your last posts. Fun times. I'm thinking my life is only going to get busier with kids getting married and grand kids. A good busy though. Sorry to hear about Kelly's surgery, but it looks like she is up and running again. I admire her spunk for running. Anyway, it looks like everybody to doing well.

  2. Cute, cute photos, Jolyn! I love putting little babies on playground equipment. They get so excited and giggle. :)


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