Friday, February 21, 2014


I've been  visiting cedar and his is just a miracle to watch these little ones.  He has been learning to crawl and more importantly, to stand.  It's just amazing to watch him as he goes through all the motions.  You can just see his little mind whirling.  He has a great purpose and fantastic concentration!  I just hope he can keep it! He works to a kneeling position, then he grasps the table....he puts one foot on the floor, then another and pulls himself up.  He's so thrilled when he's done it. He's trying to move between objects, but realized that the jumper was too wobbly. What a miracle life is and especially the sweet babies!


  1. nothing better than watching grandbabies grow!

  2. i think he's a miracle too! he is getting verrry good at standing!


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