Saturday, March 1, 2014


i'm not kidding when i say we haven't had a winter....we've had gorgeous 75 degrees and up, up, up since before christmas....i'm sorry to say this to those that live in snowy, frozen's been a gorgeous winter...probably better than last summer....but, of course the downside of this is that we are in a drought...which is no bueno.....but, that all changed in the last few days...since wednesday night it's rained and rained and then rained some more....of seems like we can't just go halfsies....when we get rain, we get a lot...but, it's wonderful...maybe it will put a dent in our drought, maybe the hills will turn's wonderful to hear that noise of pitterpatting...or in our case it was more like a faucet was turned on and never turned off for 3 days...but, we'll take what we can get!!! i love it!!! plus, maybe the dogs will go outside again....they sure are spoiled!!

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  1. Of course I am green with jealousy of your winter, Jolyn! I have to keep telling myself we have had some great experiences here and the kids are being exposed to a lot of positive learning by living in New England. (I do kind of count down, though, until Kara's graduation: "Just 4 more winters!" Ha.) Rain is a nice change, even in CA, for a few days. And green plant life is a refreshing color, as opposed to seeing brown everywhere, right! :)


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