Saturday, August 9, 2014


tomorrow we have to leave this beautiful place....costa rica is really beautiful...this area is the dryer part of costa rica, but, it still seems really green to me...we've had a wonderful finish out the week....on wednesday we had a taxi (in a Huge van), take us into the town of's a little costa rican town...pretty touristy because it has great surfing beaches...we had lunch, wandered a bit, saw the beach etc....took the drive back where we saw a lot of farms, skinny cows, some nice houses, some not as to see the area

....on thursday, we took a private boat out for the afternoon...that was fantastic....i love water and i love boats!! so perfect....they drove us around to see the area and then because it was really choppy, they took us to a nice bay where we could play....there was snorkeling, they knee boarded, paddle boarded...the water was amazingly a nice bath tub...the babies loved it...we also saved a lady from canada that was having a bit of a panic attack while snorkeling....all in all, a fun day!! russ finishd out his week of surfing...the boat would take him to different spots every morning...yesterday was cool and cloudy, but, we still hung out i had a fantastic massage...then watched russie, while russ and kris had theirs...then it started pouring...after lunch we went to the kids club to let the babies play....swam afterwards...had a nice dinner...and now have to sad to leave this gorgeous place!!

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