Sunday, August 3, 2014

costa rica!

i'm in beautiful costa rica! russell, kristen, baby russ, kerry, austin, cedar and i are in costa rica for the week....we arrived on friday night....long flight made longer by a delayed plane....we arrived at the four seasons at about 10 pm...and went right to bed!
saturday morning we had a delicious breakfast...i went to the pool while the babies had their naps....afterwards they all joined me at the was a very relaxing day....not having to move much, unless in the warm water of the pool

....the kids took the babies on a walk around the resort....had a nice dinner...after dinner we went down to the beach where we lit floating lanterns and let them go into the sky...that was fun!

  afterwards, we looked for a movie to kerry, austin and russell played an artist game of who could draw the best picture in a minute...silly and fun....

this morning we had breakfast and went to the beach...our hotel is on a peninsula and because of that we have a bay on one side and the pacific on the other....very cool...the water is warm like bath problems walking into that!

we played at the beach...the boys went snorkeling...took the babies in the the afternoon we drove to the golf course and took a 'trail of the giants' tour....

we drove golf carts around the golf course and saw the animals that are in the jungle there...birds, monkeys, an animal called a was fun to do and started raining as we finished....later, i went and had a much needed, fantastic massage! kristen and kerry had treatments also...then, had a fun dinner at the bar...delcious food!  adios for now!

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