Monday, January 8, 2007

Gray hair

so, today while i was at a light, i was looking at my hair in the has alot of gray at the roots...which i have known...i'm needing marla.(my hairdresser)...but, as i looked at it...i thought, aren't i lucky that i have hair i was sitting there, i figured out that my grandpa and grandma bagley were around 50 when marty was born...their first grandchild...what's amazing is how old they look in pictures from that, i was just thinking how lucky i am that i don't have to look like a really old grandma...until i am, really old! so, of course for my new year's resolution...i must lose weight.....i've been excercising for the past year...and feel much better, but, in order to not be that ollllllld looking granny, i must be able to move much is the big 50 coming up! so, i guess i just have to close my mouth when something tasty comes by.... i certainly hope that i can accomplish this...but, i'm really going to work at it....maybe by announcing it to the world it might happen.....


  1. Yay Jo! I love your blog! The pictures are very cute.

  2. you go, aunt jo. i believe in you!


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