Sunday, August 5, 2007

Happy Happy 18th!!!

at the grand canyon
birthday presents
riding horses
flower girl
at grandma june's house
princess kerry

cute kerry

washing cars

another birthday
million dollar babe

prom princess
grad night

senior pic
my little princess is 18 today! kerry has always been a happens when you're the youngest in a family...but, she has always loved princesses....belle was probably her favorite, but she loved cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white..arial, pochantas...kerry has always been a real girl...none of the "tomboy" stuff for her...she could put makeup on when she was 5...and she loved it....for years, kelly would buy makeup and a week later, give it to kerry....kerry has been my buddy for long time now...she is so much fun to be with...she will tell me all about her day...i feel like i know all these people......she describes them all so well..she is a very loyal friend ..kerry likes to do alot of things...she is really talented....she is very artistic...she's crafty and creative...she's very smart...whatever she's interested in, she learns really well....hope this bodes well for college....kerry is beautiful...and she's so nice...she has great fashion sense and loves to put great outfits together...kerry has always loved her brothers and sister...even when i hear the words "RUSSELL" , i know she loves him so that our family has grown, she has another brother and sister to love, plus the nephews and niece...kerry has great plans for the future and i know that she will accomplish all of them...i'm really lucky to have such a fantastic daughter...kerry, you're the greatest and i love you so much...happy birthday....


  1. thanks momm for the fun birthday and everything youve done for me in the past 18 years!

  2. what a darling girl you have. she is so polite, sweet, fashionable and fun. whit just told me all about the fabulous trip and how great it is to be roomies with miss kerry.

    welcome home and happy 18th to kerry! glad you're such a cute mom to your real kids and always welcoming the adopteds. thanks!

  3. You deserve to have a princess for a daughter. Does this mean you're the Queen?

  4. Happy Birthday Kerry! You are a beautiful girl.

  5. The earlier pictures are the ones I love the best...they are how I picture Kerry..she always reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. That must be some other beautiful girl in those older pictures. Have a happy year!


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