Saturday, September 12, 2009

another one for my sis

i was going to write a new post tonight...but, i read my sister's and decided that you all you should it too...she's also a much better writer....but, i loved it, especially since it was about my dad and how positive he was...he was one of my heroes....i'm so lucky he was my dad...he used to 'lecture' us at night...and we usually didn't want to hear it...but, it was always what we needed to hear...when tom was sick he would call me and tell me ways to think positive about was such a great enjoy my sister's great post...

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  1. Thanks for reading, Jo. Dad was the past. I used to tell him to just number his lectures and save us both time, since he just seemed to say the same thing over and over. But now I know them all by heart and I can pull one out anytime I need it. He was right after all.


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