Saturday, September 5, 2009

my big sis

happy wedding day...tom, polly, jo, marty and dee
marty with the huge eyes
dad, jo, marty and gabi
marty and jo

tomorrow is the big day! it's my oldest sister's 60th birthday!!! happy, happy birthday marty....your're the've always been there for me...i've always been able to learn from your it watching you fight with mom and dad...or being a fantastic mother to your your torturing me as a you being such a great grandmother...i'm glad i have such a sister that i can turn to whenever it's needed...i love our late night's great to be able to 'vent' if needed...or just hear a funny story...thanks for being my big sister...even if you gave me a complex....made me think i had an orange head all my life....i don' i? all kidding're the greatest sister anyone could are so can do anything you set your mind to...your'e a fantastic wife and give great're a great friend...i'm so lucky to have you as my sister... love you.....


  1. Thanks for remembering my big day. I'll probably be senile by the time you hit 60, and drool too much to get the stamp to stick to the birthday card. So I'll just say now that you're a great little sis.

    And I'll admit that most of the time the back of your head isn't orange. In fact, I think your new colorist is using kind of a green tint nowadays. It matches your eyes.

    Love, Mod

  2. I love old black-and-white photos! Great family shots. Happy day to your sis!


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