Wednesday, September 2, 2009

home again

well, we made it back home...a pretty uneventful flight...until we got to atlanta...i'm banning the atlanta airport from my life! because of a storm we circled for 1/2 hour...then had to go through customs...took over an hour...then you have to find your luggage, show that, recheck it...well, after all that, we missed our, we try to rebook it...they mumble and groan a bit...finally we get on a flight...the guy takes our old tickets, which had our baggage tags on them...that's important for later...then, as we're walking to our gate, shannon says 'we're on a 9:30 flight?" and we say no, we're on the 5:30 flight...well, shannon wasn' then, we get to the gate and after waiting for about 1/2 hour we talk to the lady...after a while she finally says....i'll put her on the flight with you since you're all traveling together! wow! thanks...anyway, the flight was half empty because everyone else missed their flights...then, we got to l.a...and guess what? no bag for shannon! and we had no bag tags...what a pain! anyway it finally all got sorted out and we finally got home about 5 hours late.....been recovering ever since! it was a fantastic time, one we'll always to slc!


  1. Wow, what a way to end the trip! I can just hear it..."I'll put her on the flight since you're all traveling together..?!?!" Amazing.

  2. On to SLC? You are a busy gal Jolyn. Yah, duh about having you all on the same flight! uh, that's a good idea!


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