Monday, October 12, 2009's cold there!

kate and kelly
jo and lexie
tommy and willie
over the weekend i flew to denver to see the babies that live there...after a delay (of course) at the airport we took off...i fell asleep and woke up to the clearest view of the grand was fantastic....not a could see right down the canyon...pretty cool...kate and willie picked me was fun to be with the kids...they have all grown so much...especially lexie...she's now 2 months old...she's getting to the plump stage where they feel so good to hold...she's smiling at everyone....really likes to watch people...which is good because she has kate who wants to kiss her all the time...and little tommy who's not really sure if he is liking her yet...but, he's a happy little boy who just wants to vacuum...that's his favorite word...he walks around all day saying 'vacuum', 'vacuum' and is so happy when he gets to...kate is very much 'in charge'....she is a good helper...loves to play games, loves all princesses...she's very much a little girl...loves her makeup etc...willie and kelly are non-stop motion with those kids...on sunday, willie 'blessed' little lexie and then we got to see the primary program...kate did such a great job...she said her part perfectly...other than the fact that it snowed and was the coldest weekend in about 100 years for that date... it was a short, but fun trip...and next week they are coming here...


  1. I love the primary program! All you kids are darling. (Did you think I left off an R? You're still a kid to me!)

  2. Jake is running around more excited than ever cause he get's to vacuum with Aunt Whitney!!! he loves when she comes over because she vacuums. What it is about that big machine? Maybe Tommy and Jake need to play together.


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