Saturday, October 17, 2009

little joey

having a pet means you give your heart to them in so many ways...they are so loyal and and exasperating...and for all the naughty things they do, they give you their hearts friend kathy lost her little 'joey' can read about him on taryn's blog...i've always said that if my 2 dogs were children, they would be the terrors of the neighborhood...because they misbehave so much...but, for all that, i will be so sad when they grow old and pass on...i remember when my childhood dog died, my parents were afraid to tell me...and they were right, when i found out, i fell apart...and i was engaged's just hard to lose someone you my thoughts are with you kath...


  1. Jo that was so sweet. Joey will for sure be missed.

  2. thanks jo for the kind thoughts. When your's go, I'd better come down and hold your hand, it's terrible.
    xo, k


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