Thursday, October 15, 2009

love...until the end of time

taken nov '08 before the last 2 babies
my sister polly wrote a beautiful post about loving her kids made me think of my own kids...i love them so much and i'm sure i don't tell them one of my favorite movies 'moulin rouge'...the song 'come what may' they say...'i love you until the end of time'...which is what i love my children...i was told once that my family would be the light of my life...they are truly own children, my in-law children...and especially my grandchildren...they are what makes me get up in the morning....when we are together we have such a fun time...they are fun kids to be with...right now, it can get a bit crazy with all the babies...but, at least we're not out numbered yet! i love it when kate and gavin run to each other and hug....hopefully, they will always do that and feel that love...yes, i'm so blessed to have my fantastic, thanks for 'lighting up my life'...


  1. Jo I love this! :-) your family is blessed to have you.

  2. we are lucky to have such great kids! love the picture!

  3. A perfect "kid" post! You do have a great family, and that was a good reminder for me, too. (Made me cry!)


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