Thursday, May 20, 2010


so, in between my daily 'life'..i've been catching up on all the shows that i missed while on our, i've been 'off the grid'....i had to be caught up for the final shows!  a few i've been watching....24, it will be so sad when jack is gone forever...lost...the same for them, although, i won't be quite so mixed up! glee will still be there to cheer me up...and modern family for some a few more days of questions...then summer where it's hard to find something to watch...


  1. love them all. can't wait to see what happens to jack!

  2. Oh...
    I do love 24. I'm in denial of it being over. The movie better be 24 hours long. I can't get enough.
    Chloe's the best.
    Love Heidi


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