Wednesday, May 5, 2010

bazaruto days

bazaruto island, mozambique...we are on a beautiful island, just off the coast...yesterday we flew from joburg to vilancous where we then got on a smaller plane to fly to the’s only a 15 min. flight here...what a beautiful place...the indian ocean is so we were swimming in’s so nice and warm and like i said, so clear...i could see my footprints as i walked along....there are shells all over the ocean waves to speak’s so calm and serene...the island is really a large sand dune...they actually have a hill where you can ‘dune board’...the snorkeling and diving is some of the best in the we just checked out the resort, enjoyed the sun...they speak portuguese here...guess that’s who settled it originally...a relaxing end to a great trip...

today is monday, yesterday we just laid out again in the hot was a gorgeous not much happened except for us turning pages to our we went out on a little speed boat..we went out to paradise island (it’s a deserted island) which is about 30 min. away...we snorkeled in the gorgeous was perfect temperature...there were so many beautiful fish, striped yellow, black and white, fluorescent yellow, spotted, big ones, little ones, tiny ones...the coral was pretty also...brown, pink, purple..really pretty...afterwards we landed on the beach where we just laid out again...they had a picnic lunch for us and we just lounged around for a few hours...very fun...when we came back kerry and russ went horseback riding on the dunes...i was a little to lazy for that...another perfect day in paradise!

today is wednesday...yesterday we started our long journey home...we left bazaruto at 12:30ish...they aren’t ever really sure when you’ll leave...a 15 min. flight to vilcanous, then we flew to joburg, a 2 hour flight...then we had a wait of 4 hours and just arrived in london after a 10 1/2 hour have another layover of about 5 we’re hanging out in the virgin clubhouse...which is nice...kerry and i went shopping...since there really was nowhere to buy anything on our trip (lucky russ, didn’t have to carry much), all our shopping was in the our last flight’s been see so many wonderful sights..the beauty of africa is amazing...we are so lucky!!

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  1. Is that Russell or Chuck Norris on that horse?

    The island looks amazing!

  2. Looks gorgeous!! Happy you guys had such a great come home already!!

  3. it all sounds great! loved the pictures. glad you had such a fun time.

  4. Fantastic, Jolyn!!!!!!!! I just had a whirlwind tour, going through all the pictures you have posted, with Frank this time. Wowie, what a great synopsis! Love it, love it.

  5. Love the computer tour you've taken me on. This is the only way I'll ever visit Africa and you've taught me the basics. Have a good trip home!


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