Thursday, May 27, 2010

have you ever?

this afternoon after my big last day of bowling for the season...then running errands all afternoon...i came home, was on the computer...and then basically crashed on the couch for a little nap...that was at about 4 thing i knew the phone was ringing at about 6:20...answered...woke up some more...thought, where are the kids...i'll just watch some tv until they come home....about 2 min. later i realized that i needed to be at the church...RIGHT THEN!  uh oh...i was dressed in a flash...out the door...luckily had good traffic to westlake...and made it by 10 to 7!! in time to put my decor up and help a bit...and luckily was there to say the closing prayer!!  lucky for me that phone rang!!


  1. Are you one of those people who flits in and out of YW activities and lets someone else do all the work? I've heard of those folks . . .

  2. Oh man, those 2-hour-plus naps in the afternoon are KILLER...messes up your whole sense of time and alertness!


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