Friday, July 26, 2013


this summer is zipping by so's been fun and so busy....i feel like i've not really just enjoyed the summer...too busy having a great started off with cedar being born in june...i came up to slc for 10 to know him....what a darling baby....kerry and austin are becoming great loving and kind....i went home..worked on my kitchen for 2 weeks...then, came back to slc....russ and kristen came up for the 4th...we had a fun time at sugarhouse park with austin's family...hung out with alot of friends...willie and kelly came for cedar's blessing that sunday...that was really nice...then, kerry, austin and i flew home...austin stayed a week...kerry and cedar for two...we went to the beach, saw kelly and the kids in a failed attempt to go to 'little india'  (who knew it was closed on mondays?)....just had a good time....kerry and i flew back to slc last sunday night....on monday was my mom's family reunion....we went to's always fun to see aunts, uncle, cousins....we met some actual swedish cousins that are here visiting...heard about how my grandfather came over from sweden when he was 17....he met my grandmother and waited 14 years to marry her...she was 12 when they met!  it's always fun to see etc...hang out with alot of babies lately...and they are all so, today, we're off!  kerry, austin, cedar and i are driving up to pinedale, uncle mel (dad's brother) is hosting a family reunion at his summer will be fun to see that side of the family!  from there, we are driving to mount will be a short visit, because we changed our trip and decided to fly from there to chicago....that will be really fun....i've never been and i know it's a great're off!!!!

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