Saturday, July 27, 2013


on our drive here 
on friday, kerry, austin, cedar and i left slc to drive up to pinedale's the start of our road trip!  cedar did took about 5 hours to drive there...nice scenery...we came for uncle mel's family reunion....mel is my dad's younger brother (89) and had decided about 6 months ago that we needed to get together...his whole family all have houses in pinedale...some live there full time, some part time....we arrived...went to mel's for a little get together and dinner..went to see bobbi's's gorgeous....visited with cousins, nephews, nieces etc...tom and julie came, polly, jim and all of their kids except abby and her family...mel's side was...mari and chris, nancy and her kids, hawley and her family, bobbi and her family...mel and his wonderful mae...mae cares for mel and is a wonderful friend and part of the family....we're all lucky to know her...

                                                        me and uncle mel
today we went to see mari's beautiful has a gorgeous view...then, we went out to mel's property where he has a's about 20 min. away from pinedale...he stocks his lake with fish...they have a little sort of shack where they set up the party...mel is alot of fun and you don't sit around when he's in charge!  there were all sorts of games....frisbee golf, a pitching (golf) contest (the whole family are great golfers), a hammering contest, a fish pond for the little kids, a frying pan throwing contest!  that was fun! trivial pursuit, people fished on the lake, caught a few....

clayton modeling his spiffy tie and hat

                                                                    julie and tom
                                                              austin, kerry and cedar
                                                           singing after the treasure hunt
                                                              polly, me, and wren
                                                              hawley cutting up the fish
                                                            jamie going off to fish

                                                           nick with his cool hat that he won

mari, showing us all how to golf
 then, he had a treasure hunt where we looked for the clues...then, had to follow the instructions....we ate, sang, visited, roasted marshmallows...then, they handed out the prizes...the winners got cute little gifts...he gave us all a dollar for singing...gave away silver half dollars for a drawing that they did....he gave all the girls necklaces...all the guys got ties...and they were funny...flag tie, bear tie, football ties...then he gave the little kids flashlights and some of them got pocket was a fun time...mel, mae, and his girls did a lot of work to pull this was great fun and best of all we got to reconnect with our family!

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