Sunday, July 28, 2013

On the go

This morning kerry, austin, cedar
and I left pinedale for the trek across the state to South Dakota. At the reunion, everyone said we needed to see devil's that's where we was actually going in a diagonal across the state..from one corner to the other

the drive was pretty and we listened to a book about Chicago, most of the drive...cedar is a great traveler...we ran into a pretty big rainstorm, saw some beautiful scenery....

then got to the devils's a huge rock, looks sort of like a huge's beautiful! Well worth the drive!
It was sort of raining when we got there, and the drive was a bit longer than expected, so we didn't stay too long...then, back in the car..drove through some really gorgeous scenery...drove through the black hills,

drove through the famous sturgis where in two weeks thousands of motorcyclists will descend....then, into rapid city.....I picked up kelly and her kids at the airport...tomorrow we will see Mount Rushmore and the area and then fly to Chicago! Fun times!
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Location:Rapid city, south dakota

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