Monday, February 5, 2007

old friends

today i went to lunch with the first friend i had in, we've been friends for 28 years...chris saved me...i was so lonely when we moved here...she had her baby katie, i had kelly...we would hang out every day....and i mean every was fun....while i stayed at diane and terry's she would come over and eat all their cheese...she loved it! so, through the years we've both had 4 kids...they are all grown up, now we get together just once or twice a's like we have never been apart...she's moved about every 2 years from house to house to house...while i've stayed in the same place...isn't it amazing how you can have a friend that is so different, yet the same? it's the greatest...i'm lucky because i have quite a few of those types of friends...i love having friends that have known me when...when i was in high school, when i had a husband, when i was a young mother...i like my new friends also, don't get me wrong...but, there's something to say for someone that knew you when......


  1. I knew you even before when. In fact I've probably known you longer than anyone alive! Old friends are the best...I went to lunch with my old friend, too. It's fun when someone knows who you're talking about, what you're like deep down, and remembers you in various stages of life. And has loved you through it all.

  2. I wish I had friends to go to lunch with... maybe someday.

  3. You have to be old to have old friends. Sorry Kelly. About the time you notice whiskers on your chin, and upper arms that quiver, you'll realize that you, too, have old friends. It's a tradeoff.


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