Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the past

so, in my last blog,i mentioned that i went to the was "music and lyrics" a cute, fun show..sort of about reliving the past...and it made me wonder, why do we like to relive the past? i remember my dad would sit around and talk about all the basketball games he ever coached, what plays they made, how they won or lost....we all love to remember our high school years...with such fondness..i'm sure they weren't that great..or were they? i guess we like to remember the past because it's when we were younger or our kids were it because we feel that it was a simpler, better time? is it because we are living our problems now, and in those memories, the problems are over with? whatever it is, remember those beautiful times...but enjoy the ones of now also...


  1. i don't have any answers... but as i read your entry, the thought "hind sight is 20/ 20" kept popping into my head. Whatever the reason, I think it is important to remember the past. Not only to perserve memories and our heritage, but to learn from both our mistakes and our successes.

  2. I think visiting the past is relaxing. But then, I like my past. It's like re-reading an old favorite book, or singing old songs. It's cheaper and less work than real life, and you know how it turns out. I think of my old self as kind of a sister, or mother figure who I understand and who totally understands me. Remembering what I've done recharges me so I can run bravely into the future. Historians study people and events ad infinitum to try to learn from them. I think it's very fun to study myself and try to learn from my experiences. I love anticipating and planning for the future, and I really love the present. Both of those take more energy than the past, though.

  3. jo, it is always so refreshing to hear your laugh and to see you sparkle with your cute grandbabies. what a doll gavin was hanging on whit's bed with the big kids. he is adorable.

    anyway, happy president's day. so happy this family has such amazing memories to relive again & again.


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