Monday, February 19, 2007

proud of all of you

we've been in slc at the house for the long weekend...actually almost a, a very nice time....i've had all my kids at one point or another..we had the cousins over on saturday for a little play luncheon date....what a fun time....i am so proud to watch the "younger generation", it is so great to see how you have grown up, what you are all acomplishing, the jobs you have, the talents you've all learned, the cute kids you are's just fun to see you doing your thing.....i think you are all so wonderful! you really amaze me! so, keep it will all acomplish great and wonderful things...and raising your kids is one of the most fantastic....i'm soooo proud of you...while you were all standing talking, feeding babies, holding them etc....i just wished that grandma and grandpa were there to see you guys....boy, are they proud of you....grandma june would have had a ball to see you all...and grandpa jiggs would be playing with all the kids, teasing them like he did all of, keep it're doing great!

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