Wednesday, February 21, 2007

down in the valley

now, you probably think i'm thinking of a song....and i am...down in the valley, the valley so low...cause..i've been a little low today...i guess just a let down from the fun weekend...anyway...i want to thank you all out there for staying with me and letting me vent...and vent...and come home from fun and wham, it hits you...i guess that's the problem with vacations...real life...anyway...i'm thankful for everyone that lets me spout off....hopefully not too often...i don't want to get a, i'll be happier tomorrow...and the next day...maybe it's just pms...seems like that will never go away! so for all of you with probs...make sure you can talk it out with will make you feel better and save on dr. bills.....


  1. Venting keeps you from floating away (think balloon) or blowing up (think microwave chicken.) These are a couple of reasons I'm glad you vent. I don't want you yelling from the sky and I don't want to scrape up smashed bits of you with my fingernail. Keep venting.

  2. Venting is the best..That's why we have sisters and girlfriends..we have that understanding and empathy for each other. If I didn't have you to vent to...I'd be more crazy than I all ready am!


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