Thursday, April 29, 2010

eagle island

yesterday we left khwai river...before leaving we went on our last game drive with leopard..he was driving pretty slow, then heard that there were some lions spotted somewhere, so we took off...we went into the bush and it's crazy when you go into the bush here...they drive over bushes, trees, anything that gets in the way...thought we were goners at certain points...but, we never saw the lions...just paw, we flew down to eagle's in the middle of a ookorngoo delta...surrounded by water, so instead of drives you go on boats...last night we saw alot of hippos...our guide got us pretty close to them....the way they go under the water and pop up is sort of scary and creepy...and they move fast also...speaking of hippos, i guess at night they sometimes come up by our tents...we heard them leaving this morning...we saw baboons in the trees by our tent..early this morning we went out in the boat, then went to this area where they have mekora boats or canoes...we got in them and went into a more shallow area of the delta...i love it when they say 'keep your arms, hands etc. in the boat, the reeds are sharp and can cut you'...then, as we floated, there were so many reeds hitting my face and all these knat flies that are all over...spiders, webs, we saw teeny tiny frogs..yesterday we found a green one on the boat, about 1/2 in. the kids named him pogo...when we got to another island we got out and went for a was cool, we've seen the animals, but, now we were on the same level...we saw a tree full of baboons...they all came down, staring at us...the oldest and biggest wast about 10 ft. away from us...then we saw zebras, wild beasts, and impalas...we saw temite hills that are taller than they go down in the earth another 30 ft....we were told the locals dry the termites, grind them up and eat them!, it was a fun morning..right now wer'e going on a helicopter more later!

this afternoon we went for a helicopter ride over the was beautiful...the delta is formed from a river, that’s like the arm, then the delta is the fingers...from the air it looks like there are many, many golfcourses...but, it’s really all marsh lands...the water is so clear...we saw hippos and you could see every bit of them...we saw giraffes, wild beasts, zebras, impalas, was really neat to see them from the air...after brunch we went to the pool since it was a gorgeous the afternoon for our game ride we went on a party type boat with another couple from was fun to talk to them...they were also at our last lodge...they are on their honeymoon...he surprised her, until they were going to the airport she didn’t know where they were was a nice time..we saw alot of hippos, eagles, other birds...then, back and after about an hour...dinner...they feed you alot in these camps...early morning tea or hot chocolate at 6 am....after the game drive...breakfast/brunch, after the free time...lunch/tea, after the night time game ride, dinner...non stop, plus they give you a snack on the game drives...this camp has been fun because of the water aspect..only problem, so many, many mosquitos!! my feet are a mess!!! oh well...that’s the price you pay....tomorrow after our last game ride we’ll fly to a little town called maun, then catch a flight to joburg...then onto mozambique the next day!
well, we made to joburg...took a plane from eagle island to maun...then to joburg...tomorrow our last stop...bazaruto...


  1. You're like a book. Full of fascinating facts I didn't even know enough about to know I wanted to know them. Thanks for tutoring me on Africa!

  2. Jolyn this is SOOOOOOOOO COOOOOL! I can't believe all the animals, it must be so beautiful. I feel your pain on mosquitoes...I can't stand them all summer in New England.

    EATING TERMITES! Whoa! Probably an embarrassingly expensive delicacy somewhere.

  3. remember when you and suzi w used to watch the lightning shows outside and i would be inside yelling at you to come in cause you might get struck? this is why you are in africa and i am here reading about the adventures. wow! you have always been an adventurer. sounds fantastic!


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