Saturday, June 5, 2010

home away from home

ker and i just got back from 9 days in was a fun fun in fact, i stayed an extra 3 days....we went up for memorial see dave as he returned from his mission...heard him speak...he was great...we had a fun time with friends and family...i was able to see most of my favs up there...that's why i needed so many days...too many people i want to be with.....the weather got better every day..the flowers are in bloom, the mountains are green, it's beautiful! it's fun to hang out and have no that why i like to travel?  no place that  i "have" to be?  anyway, it sure is fun and hard to come home...although, as we drove along the coast, stopped at neptunes wasn't too bad!!


  1. had so much fun!! glad you stayed those extra days


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