Thursday, March 1, 2007

sunnyside up

well, i just realized my latest blog didn't get, i'll do another...last week was fun...after my depression got over...dave and kerry had a fun time, they were really busy..they went to a concert, we did our roadshows, they stayed up all nights, went to the beach, went to kerry's winter was a that's's fun to have alot of kids in the house..kerry seems to be having a great senior year...alot of playing, and a little bit of school...isn't that what you do your senior year? we had a bit of rain and then gorgeous blue skies for the last few got really cold again last night, hope the plants are ok...we don't usually have freezing weather, so when the plants froze in january it was orange trees leaves are all shriveled up and brown..everything in my yard looks sad...the boganvilla are starting to come back...daylight saving starts soon, which will be strange, since it's so early...back to darkness in the morning when we walk...more later

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