Saturday, January 19, 2008


Change your thoughts and you change your world.
Norman Vincent Peale (1898 - 1993)

change is good...that doesn't mean i always like it...things change daily...sometimes it's an easy switching grocery stores....sometimes it's moving away...going to a new do we adjust to change? how do you? this last fall i went through a big change when my baby went off to college...that was a hard change to be alone...and it's still an adjustment....but, i'm learning...and what i'm learning is that you can't sit and pout...which is what i'd like to do some of the time....but, that just makes you unhappy and then people don't want to be around, i've tried to figure out things to do that will make me happy...keeping busy is the ticket...i just read an article in a magazine about this...the author changed jobs from a magazine editor to a writer....she said how scary it was, but after a while she realized it was very many times have you done something that you didn't want to do AT all....and then in the end you were really happy you did it? well, that's what i'm trying to's a scary thing to go out in the world and try new meet new people, have new experiences...but, in the long run it will make you a much better will make you sure of yourself...strong in yourself...we have to learn to be strong....just for's a great this same article she said....if you don't do something at least once a year that makes your heart aren't what is making your heart stop? it could be skydiving, it could be going to the movies alone, it could be giving a speech in front of others, or flying off on a trip to a really foreign, i'm working on changing things in my life...becoming a strong, confident woman....what are you going to do?

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.
Carol Burnett (1936 - )


  1. I'm one of those strange people that kind of like change. Probably because I've been forced to do so much of it in the last 14 years. I almost get itchy if I'm in one place or spot in life too long. I think I need to work on being content. Great post!

  2. I get excited about change, too. I get excited to do the research about the new adventure, buy the folders and stuff I'll need to start planning and organizing. I love to start outlining a new project, big or little.

    It's a chance to re-create little aspects of myself. From, "I'm going to bring a surprise treat to every meeting and be there on time," to "I am going to get an apartment in NYC, and walk in different neighborhoods until I've experienced them all."

    My changes are usually, whether I'll have the blond-red streaks framing my face, or the red-blond streaks tousled throughout. It leaves me less satisfied and I long for a big one...a once in a lifetime opportunity to go a new direction for a while. It sounds so freeing and broadening. I can't tell if you're talking about buying a new bedspread, moving, taking up quilting, or getting

    Although change is exciting to me, helping decide on other people's change is spectacularly entertaining for me. I could be a paid advisor, or just a close friend who advisors for free. Mitt Romney has both.

  3. I agree. Change is exciting but hard too. Especially when you didn't CHOOSE it.

    You seem like you are good at change... and I would like to write more. But now I need to go and change out of my pjs.

  4. You make taking changes in your life look easy when I know it isn't as easy for you as you make it look. That is a talent that you have mastered, and I'm trying to follow in your path. Change comes in all forms. These last couple of years I've changed in a hundred different ways. Hopefully I can learn from you and accept the change, learn from it and then move on to the next!


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