Friday, January 18, 2008

favorite old stories

i was thinking of some favorite childhood stories the other day...and actually found them online...the all time favorite was this:

the story of a castle of fairys...i read it as a girl and loved it, polly and i would fight over our only copy...until a few years ago i found it again...then we didn't have to 'share' the copy...

another fav was this story book:

this is a book of fairy tales with the most beautiful pictures...i remember polly sitting with me and she would read the stories to me....our copy disappeared and i found it once at the library and was too honest and returned it! for years i looked until i found it again....
the stories i just found were these:

they are both stories of dolls....i have thought about these books for a few years off and on...then, i mentioned them to marty and of course she remembered them...and i was able to find them....

if i'm talking about favorite childhoold books, i have to mention the all time favorite from about 5th grade on....that would be this book or books:

i have always loved anne and her many stories....if you're ever looking for some great the anne of green gables series....

it's fun to find old 'friends' and maybe read them to my grandchildren....they bring back fun memories...what are your favorite childhood books?


  1. I read Anne of Green Gables as well. One of my silly favorites was the Choose your own adventure books. Kevin found some at a used book store and stuck one in my Christmas stocking as a suprise. My Amanda is starting to read the Nancy Drew series, and I was addicted to it at her age. It is always fun to pull out the classics!

  2. I read the Lonely Doll at Grama's. I completely forgot about it. Thanks for letting me have a wonderful memory.

  3. I have searched for the little golden books my kids loved. Donald Duck's Toy Train, The Little Postmen that Carry the Mail and found them through Amazon. I found the tall book of Nursery Rhymes and we all love it. I love a tangible memory to pass on.

  4. I can't believe I have never read Shadow Castle! I am going to add that to my list!

  5. Shadow Castle is the all time best fairy tale. The real story is that Jolyn would steal it from my house, and then when I went down to hers I would steal it back. This went on for several years, until I finally gave it to Jolyn formally as a birthday gift. Then she found the book and gave one to me. I love that story and also the fairy tale with all those pictures. I remember reading those to times


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