Sunday, January 27, 2008

cute kids

yesterday it wasn't raining, so i drove down to visit kelly, jeff and the was sort of a short trip...but, fun...the babies are so fun to be around...i brought gavin his birthday presents, because on his birthday his family was sick so i didn't go that day...he was so funny opening those gifts...he was just ripping it open and throwing them on the ground...later on we went to dinner, it was about 5:30 and they didn't have the middle of chewing some of jeff's tri-tip...gavin fell asleep...between one bite and the was very funny....little "o" wasn't feeling very good, so as long as he could sit with kelly he was fine...but, later at their house...he was running around, growling...then laughing so was a fun afternoon to see the babies....


  1. I can totally imagine the no-nap-then-eat-dinner scene with Gavin! I have a picture of when David was <1 yr old in his high chair... sleeping! I saw it coming, he went into a daze and his head started nodding. Then he was out.


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