Monday, June 14, 2010

flag day is june's day

today is my mom's birthday...i wish she was here for me to give her a big hug...but, instead i'll just say a few things that she taught was a giver, always working hard helping others...she would make delicious dinners ( i think that's why tom married me, hoping i would cook like her) and then she would be jumping up and down serving everyone...i had to cure tom of 'that' idea immediately...she was artistic...she loved to sew clothes and would make the most beautiful dresses for all of us...she was a painter, she liked crafts, she made a beautiful home...inside and was warm and gracious and lovely to look at...she was willing to do just about anything...from killing spiders to going golfing with dad to shopping with the was alot of fun to be with...she was a great listener...i could call her with all of my problems and she always had great advice...she was always beautiful with a gorgeous big smile...i'm so lucky to have her for my mom...i just hope that i can take after a few of her many wonderful ways!


  1. As I read your list of Mom's qualities I decided I might be adopted. I didn't inherit as much as I should have!

  2. we were lucky to have such a beautiful, talented, loving mom.


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