Monday, June 21, 2010

youth conference!!

it's been pretty crazy in the last week...was up in utah for a big wedding, then zipped home on thursday for youth turned out great..the kids loved it...on friday 8 am we all met at the church, assigned families and took off for malibu where we met with the fulcrum people...they have a camp that teaches problem solving, team building, group the camp they have a ropes course which includes a jacobs ladder, faith leap, high wire crossing, rock walls...they also played games on the was fun time for the end of the day we had dinner at the park...they changed, came back to the church for  a talent show and dance...we were all beat by the end of the day...i was working at making food for the conference so that kept us really busy...saturday we had classes, a service project in the afternoon, a big dinner, then a testimony meeting...everyone seemed to have a great time...after cleaning up, we crashed!! i could hardly walk on feet hurt pretty bad...but, luckily i've was well worth it!


  1. Youth Conference in Malibu?? Tough life! Sounds like a blast!

  2. How many zillions of youth conferences have you done? You are a champ!

  3. youth conference is always so much work but well worth it. you've done so many, you must be the world's expert yc leader. blessings from heaven.

  4. So no more Thursday evening starts? Good idea.

    It sounds like it was a great YC. They always are and yes, they are always exhausting. Lucky to be involved again, whether it is hosting or cooking.


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