Thursday, June 24, 2010


i think i forgot how to be a mother of small children...i was given the opportunity this week...and wow, i'm tired tonight...kelly and jeff's kids came to visit...and did we have fun...they are such fun to be with, but, i've forgotten about all the work involved...i had little charlie sleeping with me all week...she sure like s to snuggle...snuggle me right out of bed!  between her and sophie, i didn't stand a chance...sophie felt she had to sleep on the other side of charlie, i guess to protect her...but, i had to keep her paws off of charlie...we swam and swam and swam...those boys love to swim and are fishes...gavin was learning to dive...his belly flops didn't sound so great, but up he'd come and try again...owen wasn't into the diving but he loves to be in the pool...we saw 'toystory' also, they loved it and so did i...gavin is also 'in love' with russ' friend kristen...i think he would follow her anywhere...he was trying to get her to have a picnic with him...told her that her hair is pretty, wanted a kiss!  what a cute thing to watch and kris is a great sport...all the babies love her..they jumped on the tramp, watched movies, played with kerry and russ, and just kept really they went home this afternoon...the house is so quiet after having them was a fun few days...and my hat's off to you do a great job, day after glad you're young and can keep up...

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  1. I had a couple of Oma days this week (nothing as intense as yours) and I take my hat off to you, too. We also went to Toy Story and I'm going again next week with a different set. I thought it was darling!


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