Monday, June 7, 2010


summer time, summer favorite time of year!  it started for me back in april when we went to africa...but, for our neck of the woods it's starting this week with the end of what's your plans for summer?  i have weddings, youth conference, holidays, birthdays,concerts, movies, weddings, birthdays, weddings, did i mention birthdays?  we have 6 birthdays in 6 weeks...that's just the family...then there are friends and extended family, that alone keeps me busy...then there are fun things like the beach, the pool, laying out in the get my drift...visits from the grandkids...pool parties...park days, i love summer and just barbecuing with friends.4th of july with the fireworks....just having a wonderful time...can't wait...and it usually goes way too fast...have a great summer! what's your favorite thing in summer?


thanks for making my day with your thoughts...