Thursday, January 1, 2015

party train to marrakech

on wednesday morning we took the train to can't buy tickets before you get to fez, so when we got ours, there were no 1st class tickets we were in 2nd class...we got on the train and found some was inside a compartment with 6 seats...we had four, because we bought cedar a seat...

so, then, all the other people got on was packed...a couple sat with us...then, all their friends started looking in...they would look at cedar sort of like, 'why does he have a seat?'  there were a ton of people standing in the aisles of the train...i don't know if they oversell the train or, these peoples friends kept trying to get inside our lady finally sat on the armrest between kerry and another lady...she sat there for a few hours....finally about 4 hours into the rides (it was and 8 hour train ride), they got off the train...woosh!!! then, a nice older couple sat down...they closed the door, so no one else could come in...they were sweet...gave cedar a tangerine....told us what to see in, after many stops....a few times of stopping just waiting for another train to pass...we made it to marrakech....wer'e at the four seasons hotel and it's fabulous...for some reason i got another upgrade...i'm in this amazing's not a hotel's got a living room, bedroom, kitchenette, huge bathroom...the tub is so deep!  it goes up to my thigh!  it's gorgeous...kerry and austin are in a really nice room down the, we're in the lap of luxury!


  1. Lovely photos. Happy New Year. :)

  2. Awesome New Year's trip!!!! AND I loved the photo (on facebook?) of the snake wrapped around your neck! Thanks for posting these :)


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