Sunday, May 13, 2007

busy days

shannon, kerry and ashley
nick, shannon, colin,kerry, derek and ashley
busy week, busy times...i love it...yesterday was a busy day...we had a shower at my house for a friends daughter-in-law...carissa ...she's having her first was a fun shower, she's tall and thin and looks darling at 8 1/2 months pregnant..she's very that was a fun's shower time , i weekend we're going to slc to go to my niece brooke's shower...she got married about a month as i say it's shower was also prom, my friend danece did kerry and ashley's hair before the shower...they were in curlers for the party...then fixed their hair...they both looked gorgeous...kerry said prom was a great time...russie and whit came home on thurs...whit drove down with russ to visit for a few days...we love having her here...we went to kelly and jeff's for mothers day tonight..she had a wonderful dinner for us and jeff's was a fun time...she made the cafe rio salad, which was very good and tried to make ted's famous chocolate haupia pie...which was not the right didn't turn out like ted's...maybe because we were in california, not, it was a great day...all in all...being with friends and family...


  1. Those girls look gorgeous! I always thought it was fun to see the girls get ready for a fancy dance. Glad they had fun!

  2. Pretty, pretty girls! Looks like it was a fun prom!

  3. cute, cute. those were the days.. senior prom! happy mother's day jo. can't wait to see you on Saturday!!

  4. Oh Jolyn, The girls are growing up and look so beautiful! Those ARE the days aren't they? SO Kelly made THE pie from Ted's Bakery. I have made that a few times. How did she do it? What was her recipe? I bet between us we can duplicate it:o)Miss you all...BTW..I am getting my Blog ready!

  5. They look so beautiful! Good luck with the graduation countdown!!!


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