Wednesday, May 9, 2007

the count down

we, kerry and i are on the count down for all things school...she can hardly wait for graduation :), i'm very sad that she will be leaving me next fall:(, but, i have to say there are a few things that i will NOT miss :)....right now at the #1 spot is seminary! i know that it is just a wonderful way to start the morning, but i will not miss that 5:20 am wake up call...i don't think she will either...for the past 3 years i have been going with her to walk with danece or rather to excercise our mouths...i will miss my daily therapy....also, to go along with seminary right now....we have seminary makeups! what a pain...for all those days that we missed our wakeup call...kerry must now pay...she is doing alot of makeups...about 17 hours worth...alot of conference talks are being read...i just have to nag,nag, nag her...#2 spot goes to the attendance, nothing against them, i'm sure they will be glad to see us go also...i just hate to have to call her out...they make me feel so guilty that she's off playing, once again...and homework....i don't help anymore...thank goodness....haven't for a few years...but, that nagging once again...did you do your homework? so, just about anything to do with school...i will be glad to have gone from my life....let's see...kelly started school in is now 2007...for all you nonmath people...that is 24 i only have 4 all good things must come to and must school :)....kerry being the youngest has always had me being sad that she's moving on to different things, but happy that i was over diapers, being pregnant, cribs, bottles, elementary school...jr high (ugh) and now high school...i will miss my daily gossip session about who is fighting with who, who is in love with who...etc.etc...hopefully i will hear about college and hear new stories to keep me for now....yippee we're done with seminary!


  1. UGH, seminary. I don't think I'd have survived had I not grown up in Utah. Seriously. Hats off to the rest of the church who get up and do it at the crack of dawn!

  2. i can't believe the BABY is all grown up.

  3. I was SO DONE with high school by the time we attended our last graduation. It was worse than if I'd been going myself! I celebrated when I attended my last parent teacher conference. I loved them during the grade school years, but by high school I hated them. To sit on bleachers, in line, for 3 hours to have a 2 minute interview with a 22-year-old teacher who held my kid's future in her grading be told that my genius child was anything but a genius? Who needs that?


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