Tuesday, May 29, 2007


since reading marty's blog on blog etiquette and lurkers etc...i went lurking on many different sites...it was quite fun..running into people i know...seeing what everyone is up to...finding new bloggers...etc. etc..it is really fun to just take some time and start looking...so any of you lurkers out there, if you are reading my blog...welcome to it...hope it's entertaining and not too boring...hope you'll learn a bit about my life...and what i like to do...so have fun and leave some comments...


  1. Hi Jolynn, I have been drawn into blogging by you and Marilee. I didnt want to...but it is way to fun! I have a blog also. It is very rough, but i hope to glean the cool stuff from you and others.

    My sister advised me that my blog is ripe for lurkers. She's right, but im not ready to change anything yet 'cuz it took me a while to figure out how to publish it. :)


  2. Howdy! Found your blog when I was checking up on James on Susan's blog. Suz is my favorite sister. (Okay, she's my only sister...lol!)

    It been fun looking at your pictures!

  3. Maybe we can start a movement of lurkers for world peace and save the planet or something fantastic like that!

  4. I am a lurker. First time to your blog. I have enjoyed reading about your family. You are an amazing woman.

  5. P.S. I forgot to say...I loved your wedding photos!


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