Tuesday, May 8, 2007

my mom

grandma lundgren, young and old

the lundgren kids
me, mom,polly and marty

mothers day is coming this sunday...i had the most wonderful mom and you can read marty's blog to hear about her also...when i was little i was a little scared of her...i do remember being in trouble and putting a book in my pants so when she spanked me it hurt her...i think i was in big trouble then...as i got older, she became my friend...after i married i went to her for everything from recipe how tos, how to make crafts like quilts etc...when she came to visit, everyone loved it, especially tom, she would iron allllllll of his shirts...i never did that...we loved to go out on dates with mom and dad because they were so much fun...i called my mom just about every day...when we moved to c.a. i told tom that i was going to call home...i was not going to lose touch...that was in the days of expensive long distance.i have pictures of grandma lundgren on top, as a girl and a grandma...she was the wonderful mother that taught my mom everything...when i look at the grandma picture,i can just almost feel and smell her...she was so sweet and loving...the other pictures are of mom with her sisters and brother...aren't they beautiful? and then the picture of.we girls with mom....mom was a fantastic support to me throughout my life...i miss her daily and just hope that she is proud of me...my biggest wish is to be just like her...


  1. Proud of you??? She is bursting her buttons. I am planning to hold your hand so she'll be impressed with the company I keep!

  2. grandma was one awesome lady... but i too remember being scared of her. especially after she got made a kerry for calling wes an old fart. she got sooo mad, it was definitely scary.


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