Friday, May 4, 2007

saying yes

this morning a friend of mine called to see if i could volunteer at conejo valley days which is our yearly city carnival. every year the disabled kids have a special day when they get to go and enjoy the rides etc... i wasn't able to go, but asked kerry if she could go...i was so impressed with her...within about 5 minutes she had 7 friends that said they would come and help...i am very proud of her in that moment...i know alot of kids that just wouldn't do's great when you can see your kids becoming adults and being so kind and's been a service type week..we put on our tom mullin memorial tournament on monday...this tournament benefits the john wayne cancer institute...this is the 8th year that we've done kids always support me, and many many friends do's alot of work...and i am always sooooo grateful that karen who is a saint helps me with this....she's the's a fun golf tournament at spanish's in memory of's fun to see all of his old buddies and employees that after having alot of fun, we hopefully have a big check to donate to john wayne...they are the cancer clinic that tom went to...i've always felt like they kept him alive for 5 extra years...when he was diagnosed, they gave him 6 months to live...kerry was only 4, so 5 extra years was a life time to, this is my way of giving, as i was saying earlier..a week of helping others...that's a good week and a great feeling...thanks to kerry and her friends for being so willing to help.....


  1. You're a great example of generosity and service. No wonder that Kerry follows in your footsteps.

  2. You always give to's wonderful!


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