Sunday, May 20, 2007


on friday night kelly and i took gavin and owen to see shrek.....they loved it...especially gavin...he already loves shrek...during the movie he sat on my lap, perfectly still...until about the last 10 minutes, he did not move...then he started eating popcorn and drinking my the end of the show, he was still transfixed and was dancing to the credit music...what fun it is to do these things with the kids...i love to see the babies perspective...they love it...last night when we were going to dinner, jeff was in another car...gavin saw him at a stop light...he was sooooo's the little things that make them happy....seein shrek, and it only has to be a picture, not the movie, seeing his dad, being with kate, it was her little babies and necklaces...we all need to remember this quality that little children be happy with the little things that happen...don't get to carried away in all the big events in your life..enjoy that sunset, the beautiful mountains, that ice cream cone. being able to take a walk in the evening...whatever little things that you love, enjoy them....the babies do...they do it we should try to also......


  1. shrek was awesome. i stilly am amazed at how into shrek gavin really is. I'm excited to take him again and again... i think he will get an even bigger kick out of it the second time around.


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