Thursday, May 24, 2007

what do you do in the summertime?

oh what do you do in the summer time? when all the world is green? as the song goes...what do you do? i've come up with some things...summer is my favorite time of the first of summer, i'm usually thinking..the kids are going to do so many things, etc....and then about 2 weeks into it...all those plans are dropped...for a whole lot of nothing...that's what i love about summer...i usually try to not have any appointments...drs...dentists, etc. etc...i just want to be free! free to do whatever, school to worry about...not much of anything...just fun here are a few things that i like to do in the mine and then why don't you add yours?

go to the beach

read books

lay out in the sun, at the pool or the beach or the lake...wherever there is hot sun

travel...somewhere very exciting...or not so exciting...just going somewhere

stay up late...we used to sit outside and sing family songs when i was a kid...

have it will be with my grandkids

have visitors

eat homemade icecream

fresh peaches, fresh corn, watermelon, fresh tomatoes...all those great summer foods

going to the movies

last day of school is always great...

we celebrate all (except the grandkids) of our birthdays between april and alot of parties...

lazy mornings....

lazy days...

lazy nights...are you getting the picture?



going to the park

having barbecues..nightly with russ barbecueing

sitting by a fan....

riding in a convertible

going boating

riding a train

a plane

a boat

a subway

a taxi

i'm sure you're getting the picture again...just go...
playing out on the grass
when i was a kid, we would play night games in the street at night...kick the can, hide and seek etc...
sleeping outside
going camping
smelling the flowers
mowing the lawn...that was when i was young....
riding a bike

sooooo, that's what i do in the summer time

it's just a few things...i'm sure you'll think of alot more...

so enjoy your days...i will.


  1. I love the smell of chlorine and suntan lotion! It's a great time of year...

  2. Oh the smell of chlorine! I miss my pool:0(

  3. I love to read late at night with all the windows open.
    Your summer photos are fun!


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