Friday, June 1, 2007

where is all the customer service?

this is a great macy's...wish i was there...
i just came home from the grocery store..i hadn't been for about 10 i had alot of, i had 2 carts and was being helped out...don't you just love it when the bag boy sort of sits there while i unload? he helped some...but let me do all the heavy stuff.....i love it!
another complaint about stores...i was at macy's on monday was pretty quiet...our macy's is terrible...that's all i can say...some macy's are great...that night there was one girl checking us out...she was soooooooo sloooooow....i can't stand it...then another girl comes, and we all think...yea! but, she just starts the line keeps growing...and at the end my girl says, if you get a comment card in the mail...please mark me outstanding!!!

i just am wondering what happened to customer service??????


  1. I know exactly what you mean..remember that guy at Anthro? He put one tissue paper at a time. I'm like...just stuff it in, who cares??!!!

  2. i hear you completely...this week I took the kids to the store. we first got a dirty look from the bagger outside on his break because my kids were talking too loud for his cell phone conversation! Then, the rude lady at the checkout kept yelling at me to give her my discount card and didn't help me unload the cart or bag the groceries...and then people look at me like I'm insane for shopping with 3 kids in tow...Hello...I just bought $300 worth of good to your customers!!! (I'm glad I got that off my chest.)

  3. I had the opposite experience. I was asked if I needed help to my car and I said yes. The lady who helped me was older than I am and walked with a limp. I just stood there while she lifted every bag out. (I was holding the cart so it wouldn't roll away.)


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