Friday, April 17, 2009

after the calm...craziness!

i'm not this women....yet, give me a few days
after blogging everyday for a month, i thought i'd give you a break..actually not much happening...just trying to get back in 'the swing of things'...unpacking, cleaning up, putting things away..trying to get organized before the next big thing happens...actually i've been running around crazy...our golf tournament is in 10 days..and since i've been gone, karen has been doing all the it's time for me to help, kelly and willie are coming next week...kelly is due with her baby any day's amazing how you can go from not having a thing to do, to having so much to do you can't think...and all i want to do is nothing...guess that was last month...gotta get back into more vaca! so onward and upward!!!


  1. good luck with all your craziness! hope the tournament goes great...didn't realize Kelly was due so soon. I thought it was middle of May.

  2. I enjoyed the trip. Thanks for taking me along.


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