Wednesday, April 8, 2009

phang nga islands

today turned out gorgeous! the rain was gone and the sky was blue...perfect! we went on a cruise with 2 other, a french couple living in london and the other a spanish couple from barcelona...they were both very, we just cruised for awhile until we came to the islands..there are 42 islands in this area...they are amazing..only one of these islands has anyone living on it...they are most just like big huge rocks coming out of the ocean, with alot of trees etc. on them...we went into some caves on one of them...they all seem to have hidden grottos...a great place to be cast away! then, we went on to 'james bond island', it's where they filmed the 'man with the golden gun''s very can get off and walk around it..among the tourist were some monks..i don't know why i was surprised that they had cell phones! we then went to a tiny beach..russ was the only one to get into the water..didn't look that clean...had lunch and sailed for didn't start raining until about 8 pm tonight...we first had quite a lightening show before dinner...then did it pour! amazing how much water came down...hope it's blue again tomorrow!


  1. Aaahh...NOW you're taking my kind of photos...I cannot get enough of boat rides around islands, on a blue-sky day.

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Looks so pretty!!! glad your having a good time..almost home

  3. I am so enjoying my travels with you..thanks for taking me along!


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