Friday, April 10, 2009

back to the's almost over

today i woke up early..about 5 am....the cicadas was buzzing...we have learned they buzz and i do mean BUZZ loudly when it's going to, i thought..let's not spend another day here in the, we changed our flight and flew to bangkok a day's also my, it was a fun way to spend it (once we got here) is overcast, but really, really we checked into our gorgeous has a beautiful view of the river...and the river is fascinating to's a real working river with all sorts of things going up and down it...we then went fun thing is the hot pink taxis that they have...we went to this huge beautiful mall..they have car dealerships inside the mall! everything a girl or guy could want...but, what we really wanted was the night we took the sky train, then the subway over to one of them..those trains are really nice...what's with LA that they can't do something like that? anyway..the nightmarket wasn't quite up and running so we had our daily massage...a foot massage...then, we started was fun..they will deal with you on prices..russ is good at it..but, we had a fun time...when we got home to our room..i found a beautiful flower arrangement sent for my b.d. and i guess the city heard also, cause there were fireworks tonight! aren't they sweet?


  1. Happy Birthday Jo!! Hope you had a great day..the pictures are great. Can't wait to have you back in the states. Have fun the rest of your trip.

  2. Happy Birthday. We are looking forward to your return. Love all the pictures on your blog. You still have 6 1/2 hours left for your birthday here.


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