Friday, April 10, 2009

another break in my trip diary

(after marty and polly were married)
yesterday on april 9th was 10 years since my dad died...he was a great man with great big ideas...he was able to see most of them through during his life...he grew up really poor during he depression...he didn't have much..i think that made him the generous man he was..he loved to give things to help others out...he was so much fun...loved games, sports, mind games, number games..anything that made him think...and he was good at them...he would tease you by thinking you were going to win...then, he'd slam the pool ball in the hole! and you lost the $100 that he was going to give you...he taught me many things...he taught me to love sports, to work hard, to have fun, to love music, to love my mom...he loved her so much...they were a great couple....i could go on and on...but, i won't do that...but, just know that i was the luckiest girl ever because he was a fantastic dad!

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  1. He was great and we were lucky to have him, to be taught by him. Wlhat a great example he was. I still think of him everyday.


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