Monday, April 6, 2009

doi suthep

today we went to the doi suthep's up the mountain and out of the city of chaing's very famous here..there are 300 stairs that you can climb to reach it (or not)...we didn't...the temple is in gold and has bells all around it that you ring for good luck...the people that come to worship buy insense and a lotus flower and then they walk around the temple 3 times, praying...afterwards we went to sankhampaeng..this is a street that they have different factories of the handmade items of this we went to the umbrella factory..interesting to see how they make the paper to make the paper umbrellas...then we went to the celedon factory which is the green or blue pottery they sell here...very russ wasn't feeling well, so after that we came back to the hotel and later on he had a thai massage..they stretch you alot...i had a thai massage that was a regular, now we're all relaxed..tomorrow we fly to the south of thailand to phuket..

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  1. You've had more massages on this trip than I get in a year! AND you're on vacation! You know how to live!


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