Thursday, April 9, 2009

lazy day

today was relaxing...not that we've been working hard or anything...but, our snorkeling trip was canceled this morning, so we just hung out at the beach...good thing we started pouring rain at about 2 pm...the boat would have been awful about then! the beach is really nice and the water is's not too often that i can just walk right into the water..but this water you could...crystal's was fantastic...russ and i swam out to the deck they have out in the was fun..they had a bag of bread to feed throw one piece in and 100's of fish was fun to watch...met a nice surfer guy from hawaii..he's going to bali..made russ jealous...then we swam started raining..we stayed for awhile..then when it poured, we headed for the restaurant for a long lunch...afterwards we just have been hanging out...i had a massage, russ has one later on...not sure how we'll handle it when we aren't having a massage everyday..


  1. Warm water--aahhhh!!!! I remember thinking that, disbelieving, in Hawaii one time: the rain here is warm! The ocean--if I filled my bath, it would be like this! Excellent.

  2. I remember once in St Martin the water was like that, you could stay in it all day. Heavenly. Sounds wonderful..the ocean and massages.

  3. I am getting a massage vicariously through your posts. I can't believe how relaxed I am. (The head massages were great, too, but my hair is still greasy.) I'm glad we didn't go snorkeling, though. I don't have that much energy.


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