Tuesday, April 7, 2009


we flew into phuket today...it's in the southern part of thailand..an island on the western side...in the airport we saw some girls that russ thought looked familiar...i struck up a conversation and they were mormons from orange county...didn't know russ but, he's wondering where he met them.they both went to byu...small world...the flight was fine except we hit some storm and were bouncing around for about 7 min...pretty scary when the plane is making all sorts of groaning sounds...but, we landed..took about half and hour to get to our hotel...and then a downpour! i mean it rained and rained hard! lightening and thunder...it's been about 3 hours..still raining..hope it stops..the lights keep flickering off and on..this might be an adventure...this is supposed to be our beach time...well, we always have massages! marty commented on all our massages...well, the thing is...india and thailand are famous for them..so you have to try them...in chaing mai they had places up and down the streets..when we arrived at the hotel they gave me this beautiful flower wristlet..it is so pretty...they have beautiful flower arrangements here..everywhere you go...also, you might wonder if i have a fetish for toilets...i took a picture earlier, but, the one in our hotel has a heated seat! and i guess they like to rinse themselves off instead of toilet paper, so the new modern version is to have an electronic thing that does it for you...pretty funny!


  1. Your posts leave me breathless!

    Adopt me now! Please!

  2. I am LOVING hearing about your trip! Be safe and Have FUN!

  3. Heated toilet seats? WOW! I hope the power doesn't go out with the storm. But you could warm up your cocoa on the toilet seat!

  4. Your vacation looks AMAZING! I love looking at all of the incredible pictures.


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